Stuck: How to Mend and Move on From Broken Relationships


Stuck: How to Mend and Move on From Broken Relationships

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Are You STUCK in a Broken Relationship?

We’ve all been stuck:
stuck in traffic,
stuck in the mud,
stuck in the middle…
But getting stuck in a broken relationship is one of the worst places to be stuck. It leaves you hurt and confused: not knowing what to do next. If that’s where you find yourself today, then STUCK may be the book to help you get unstuck.

A Practical Guide to Broken Relationships

F. Remy Diederich goes beyond anger management and provides his readers with practical, spiritual insight into how to recover from, and hopefully restore, a broken relationship. He offers helpful analysis of the question, what is anger? and then carefully suggests approaches, often step-by-step, to help you navigate the process of restoring broken relationships.

A Bible-based Approach on How to Forgive

F. Remy Diederich’s writing is rich in biblical thought and counsel but not simplistic in its application or blind to the realities of human weakness. Issues of anger management, grief, boundaries, and how to forgive are carefully looked at from a spiritual perspective. He also includes a special section on how to forgive yourself.

A Compassionate, Realistic Approach to Reconciliation

While encouraging reconciliation, the author is also aware that reconciliation is not always possible and offers alternatives. Because of STUCK’s helpful “how-to” nature, you will want to highlight key thoughts and return to them again and again.

What will you learn from STUCK?

  • The answer to the question: what is anger?

  • Seven reasons why those closest to you often tick you off

  • How to take control of your anger and let it work for you

  • Seven reasons you stay stuck in broken relationships

  • Why grieving is so important after you lose a relationship

  • A practical guide on how to forgive others

  • How to help others forgive you and achieve reconciliation

  • How to forgive yourself

  • How to move on from your past and reclaim your life

If you are “stuck” in a broken relationship, do yourself a favor and read this book. It could be just the thing you need to help you get unstuck and move on with your life.

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