Scotty Scott’s “A No Nonsense Guide To Life”


Scotty Scott's "A No Nonsense Guide To Life"

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Scotty Scott's A No Nonsense Guide to Life entails words of wisdom and poetic verses that challenges you mentally, motivates, inspires, and teach lessons about God, love, people, relationships, success, logic, courtesies and common sense!

Scotty’s book is a no nonsense approach to the world. It does not pretend that we live in a perfect utopia. It gives real life situations with real people in real scenarios faced by many in society today. It serves to assist people in making the correct decisions when faced with difficult choices on how to better themselves, deal with people, find inner peace, happiness and ways to become successful. Philosophies, thought processes and mentalities are discussed to counsel in an effort for learning, personal and professional growth to take place.

The goal is to provide others with these life lessons in order to assist or help gain understanding to live a more fruitful life. Taking these words to heart and applying them to daily life will also lead to a better, more productive society with less stress, worry, drama and much more happiness which are goals we all should be seeking! This book will change your life, boost your self esteem, help you gain peace of mind, perspective and a happiness you never knew or could imagine! With God anything is truly possible!


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